VB20 is the innovative LICENCE CONCEPT

for personal trainers and the EMS & fitness industry.


Detached from wired EMS systems with boring static exercises - to wireless EMS suits combined with varied functional training.


Our philosophy is to successfully set ourselves apart from the existing EMS market with a fresh and innovative studio concept.


We show you how to be financially successful from day one and grow your business from month to month!

The EMS market is booming
across the USA

Make your EMS studio a success with VB20!

Our unique concept is designed to give you the freedom of running your gym under a strong brand without the restrictions of a franchise.

With our consulting services, we provide expert guidance to help you build a thriving business. We also offer marketing support to help you reach potential clients, and our trainings ensure that your staff is knowledgeable and skilled in using our state-of-the-art Visionbody equipment.

As a VB20 Licensee, you also benefit from better prices when purchasing Visionbody goods, making it easier to keep your gym well-equipped and up-to-date with the latest fitness technology. Additionally, we help you build your gym from the ground up, providing the support you need every step of the way.


You want to successfully open your own EMS studio?

Become a VB20 EMS studio owner or turn your existing studio into a profit center. 

We support you with personal advice in all entrepreneurial issues such as business start-up, marketing, sales, training theory, studio equipment and personnel management.

VB20 Studios services for all members:

EMS Training

In our VB20 partner studios we use the most modern EMS Suits, every trainee gets his own EMS Suit.

EMS Cardio Training

Thanks to Visionbody's advanced EMS Box, cardio workouts with integrated heart rate measurement can be performed safely.

Body analysis & consultation

Every new customer receives an accurate analysis of their personal parameters. With bio-impedance analysis, body structures can be identified quickly, accurately and reliably.

EMS Nutrition Plan & Advice

EMS training is a high-intensity, full-body workout that becomes even more effective with the right nutrition.

This is what studio operators say about the VB20 studio concept:

I have been working with Visionbody's wireless EMS system since 2017, and this decision for my first EMS studio was exactly the right one. Our members confirm this every day. VB20 is for me the BOOSTER for my business.

Sascha Buch, owner VB20 Fulda

Our services

EMS technology

We use the most advanced EMS technology, wireless, hygienic and digital via iPad control. 

Powered by Visionbody.

EMS Academy

If you want to deepen your knowledge of EMS training and exercise, we offer online courses on many topics, including exercise, nutrition and other related areas.


We support you with your VB20 Studio in member acquisition with prepared marketing materials that you can use immediately. All media are ready for print and online.

Partnership for success

We have bundled the experience of countless studios and combined the best methods in the VB20 concept to make your EMS studio successful.

5 steps to becoming a successful EMS studio operator


Request info package

The first step



Detailed advice on all issues and company procedures.



Assistance with site search and evaluation, and financing.


Conclusion of contract

You will get to know your contact persons and will be instructed in the processes.


Studio opening

The opening of your own studio

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