Welcome to the VB20 Boca Raton

What is your Vision for your Body?

Do you finally want the figure you wish for? Do you want to finally build muscle effectively? Do you want to improve your quality of life? Do you want to relieve your back pain? Do you want the strongest time in your life now? Then your solution is VB20 Boca Raton!

The VB20 studio in Boca Raton offer individual EMS programs for your needs.

Welcome to the VB20 Boca Raton

What is your Vision
for your Body?

Do you finally want
the figure, which you 
You wish?
Do you finally want 
effectively muscles 
Do you want your 
Quality of life 
Do you want no back
ache more
Do you want
strongest period 
in your life
Then is called 
Your solution: 
VB20 Boca Raton!

Personal Support

Only 20 min. per week

Healthy Back

More power, more power

Boost your body

Away from static EMS Training to wireless Functional EMS Training.
With us you will complete in 20 minutes a circuit training specially designed for you

Our modern EMS clubs offer customized, functional EMS training with your own EMS training suit. Your suit is wireless and dry, and our personal trainers will answer all your questions and take care of you during your trial workout.

Next generation EMS training!

You don't have time for training? 

No problem!

Just 20 minutes of EMS training a week achieves the same results as 4 hours of strength training at the gym.
And with a lot of fun and varied training.

VB20 EMS Studio

Boca Raton

Be part of it!


4400 N Federal Hwy, Suite 152,
Boca Raton, FL 33431

: (561) 245-3090

Opinion of our customers about VB20

Customer testimonials

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I was looking for a gym where I would get good advice and they would take care of my needs.
John Suth
VB20 client
I was looking for a quick way to stay in shape since I am very busy. VB20 is the answer.
Thomas Karpinski
VB20 client
Getting back in shape after the injury was my goal. VB20 brought me to my goal in the best possible way.
Keanu Roth
VB20 client
I wanted to get back in shape after pregnancy. VB20 got me to my goal in the best possible way.
Jessica Mark
VB20 Customer

Welcome to VB20 Boca Raton

VB20 Boca Raton offers a variety of EMS programs tailored to your needs.

We will gladly inform you about VB20 News and new locations.