EMS is the perfect Fitness Movement for your franchise opportunity!

You want to impact the lives of others? 

The VB20 Training Club franchise is the best way to built a fitness business that impact the lives of so many people and make a living by living your dream job and life!

The key to your fat loss and fitness success is our signature EMS technology that creates a unique afterburn-effect, combined with the motivation from our world class coaches. Visit your local VB20 Training Club today and see the difference for yourself!

You got to feel it to believe it!



VB20 is your fitness franchise opportunity  to provide you the potential for higher profit margins than in other fitness business models because we leverage the results of 1-on-1 personal training with a training technology that porvides the same results in less time at low costs.

We combine Personal Training results in a group training session! How? With the most advanced EMS technology and training concept on the market!

  • Unbeatable and long lasting results through our EMS driven workouts which transforms your clients into happy clients who refer family and friends — the ultimate organic outreach.

  • Low equipment list that keeps you operating expense low and opens up more space to pack every session with paying clients.

  • Support by our entire team at the Visionbody Headquarter and by our dedicated VB20 Business Agents.

What you can expect…

  • 10 day VB20 Academy Training
  • Grand Opening Marketing for your Gym
  • Free VB20 Mastermind Class with VB20 owners sharing their strategy with you!
  • Revolutionary Equipment powered by Visionbody EMS
  • Signage and flooring (Wall decor, Colors etc…)
  • Print materials vor marketing
  • social media marketing
  • A family grown company that supports you all along the way!

Just one location or Multiple Gyms?

Whether your goal is to be an owner of a single VB20 Club or if you’re interested in becoming a multi-location owner/investor we got you. 

VB20 Training Club franchise is your perfect investment for the owner/operator who’s passionate about being hands on and working with clients on a daily basis to deliver great fitness and fat loss results while using a proofing system that supports you and bring you more clients. 

And if you’re looking for a multi-location business model to invest in that gives you world class support to help you scale and systematize your growth.


We’re recognized for turning our regular people into “happy clients” who convert their friends and family into your paying clients. This works because our clients’ experience physical results in the minimum amount of time.

This makes our  fitness franchise opportunity a great business model for you — Visionbody EMS technology is a global movement that’s changing lives every day!

Your path to a great business that impact lives!

We give you…

  • A business model that is proven every day in diverse markets and regions around the world.
  • Omnipresent marketing which meets your future clients where they are now and guides them directly to your doorstep.
  • State-of-the-art EMS technology, trainings system, and services, all provided at the deepest discounts just for you.
  • Day one trust and recognition of your brand so you don’t need to create it yourself, because we’ve done years of heavy lifting for you.
  • Endless opportunities to support and serve your community with our Personal App thriving your business, while you give yourself and your family the gift of financial freedom.
  • VB20 is beyond a regular fitness franchise opportunity…it’s a movement in fitness and health that rewards you with financial abundance and fulfillment!

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The VB20 Training Club franchise is the best way to built a fitness business that impact the lives of so many people and make a living by living your dream job and life!

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